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Day 327: Cookie Pug

Yesterday’s project was pre-empted by the annual Christmas cookies bake-a-thon. The last cookies went onto the cooling rack a little while ago. Eloise stayed underfoot or nearby the whole time, so it seemed fitting that she pose with them. To … Continue reading

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Day 326: Black Friday Pug

Today’s human activities included preparation for and the beginning of a three-day Christmas cookie bake-a-thon. Much more fun than braving the shopping crowds! This guy was a product of the first batch.

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Day 304: Pug Dinner Chime

Today’s project was to make chimes out of whatever materials you like. They didn’t have to actually work. Today’s creative efforts were spent decorating Halloween cookies: And negotiating with Eloise to get her to wear at least part of her … Continue reading

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Update from Day 302: Decorated Baked Pugs

These were a bit more challenging to decorate than expected.  I’d say they still resemble pugs, though.

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Day 12: Edible Pugs

 The Day 11 project, swapped with today’s, was to work with the other hand (the nondominant one) using a medium you are comfortable with. Cookie baking/decorating eventually came to me as the medium.  The cookies were cut, colors for the … Continue reading

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