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Day 332: Pug Parts Flower

Today’s project was to make a flower. This play on a Black Eyed Susan is made from pug ear petals and a pug nose center. Advertisements

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Day 331: Pug Finger Painting

Today’s project (from day 330 in the book) was to finger paint. Eloise already had her hand paw at this on Day 104, so it was my turn this time.

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Day 330: Pug Mummy

Still a day behind, so this is the project from Day 329, to work only with toilet paper. This was an attempt to make Eloise look like a mummy.  She figured out how to free herself with record speed.

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Day 329: Cookie Pug Tail

Today’s project, a carryover from Day 328, was to make something with a snack or dessert. Using powdered sugar, a pug tail was drawn on one of the 28 dozen cookies that were made over the weekend.  For bakers out … Continue reading

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Day 328: Pug Ornament

Today’s project was submitted by my friend Keren and her daughter Jasmine. This is last year’s Eloise Christmas card turned into a sparkly ornament.

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Day 327: Cookie Pug

Yesterday’s project was pre-empted by the annual Christmas cookies bake-a-thon. The last cookies went onto the cooling rack a little while ago. Eloise stayed underfoot or nearby the whole time, so it seemed fitting that she pose with them. To … Continue reading

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Day 326: Black Friday Pug

Today’s human activities included preparation for and the beginning of a three-day Christmas cookie bake-a-thon. Much more fun than braving the shopping crowds! This guy was a product of the first batch.

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