Day 276: Pug Sphinx

Today’s project was to flip through an almanac or globe and pick a random location, then research the place and make something based on it.

Lacking a globe or almanac, I asked a friend to name a place without telling her why. She picked the pyramids of Egypt.

In contemplation of the location, I decided that there are some similarities between pug and sphinx features. a sphinx is an imaginary creature and is believed to have guarded sacred places. The Great Sphinx that served as model for this project is located in Giza. It is carved out of limestone and dates back to around 2500 BC.



About puglife

Eloise the pug, starred in my 2012 project "365 Days of Pugs". Halley the pug, a recent addition, will no likely be featured her when she can stay still long enough to have her picture taken.
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One Response to Day 276: Pug Sphinx

  1. Kamla says:

    too much nose. 🙂

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