Day 245: Tennis Pug

Watching the US Open today inspired this.

Apparently, Eloise is as unsatisfied with her serve as I am with mine.



About puglife

Eloise the pug, starred in my 2012 project "365 Days of Pugs". Halley the pug, a recent addition, will no likely be featured her when she can stay still long enough to have her picture taken.
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5 Responses to Day 245: Tennis Pug

  1. drssreenidhi says:

    You seem to be in love with ur pug….coool

  2. drssreenidhi says:

    hey hw do I get rid off the hairfall problem she has??? its fallin so bad..

    • puglife says:

      They do shed a lot for little dogs! The Furminator is the best thing I have found. And lots of tape roller lint removers for your furniture and clothes. I can’t remember what day it was, but I did a project called Pug Grooming Kit sometime in May that you would appreciate.

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    • puglife says:

      Actually, I think it was early June.

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