Day 225: Pug House

Today’s project was to make a unique bird house (or bat house, or doghouse, or cat house, etc.) extra credit was to document it in use.

Eloise is very particular about dog beds.  She’s had her favorite one since she came home with me.  I’ve tried to replace it with cute ones that match my apartment, but she has spurned them all, including my favorite, which was in the form of a pink flower.  Fortunately, my mother’s dogs are not as fussy, so that one found another home.

This pug house incorporates Eloise’s tattered bed and sofa cushions – she spends more them on them than her bed.


About puglife

Eloise the pug, starred in my 2012 project "365 Days of Pugs". Halley the pug, a recent addition, will no likely be featured her when she can stay still long enough to have her picture taken.
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6 Responses to Day 225: Pug House

  1. sensesyoga says:

    I once had a pug… a stubborn-whining-little one : )))
    I miss him x
    Thank you for sharing your stories

  2. Kelly says:

    There’s a slight air of Arabian Nights 😉 I like it…..

  3. ljsoar says:

    Such a comfy woolly bed too. My pugs were introduced to a fur fabric beanbag at my daughters house when young and loved it so much! I replace them when they get tattered but there’s always a fur fabric something in the bed :o)

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