Day 122: Pug as Instrument

Today’s project was to create a working musical instrument.  It didn’t have to look, sound, or work like any existing musical instruments.

Eloise make some very predictable, high-pitched noises when I am too slow in preparing dinner or treats.  This includes carrots, of course.  So, I briefly withheld a carrot from her to produce the intolerable sound and snapped a picture in between whines.  You are fortunate that this was not an audio recording!


About puglife

Eloise the pug, starred in my 2012 project "365 Days of Pugs". Halley the pug, a recent addition, will no likely be featured her when she can stay still long enough to have her picture taken.
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2 Responses to Day 122: Pug as Instrument

  1. I love this photo. She has such an adorable little face.

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