Day 27: Pug Dream

Today’s project was to use as recent dream as inspiration.

I’ve often wondered what goes through Eloise’s head, particularly when she is asleep and twitching or moving her little pug paws like she is running.  So, here’s a potential recent dream of hers, told from her perspective.

I was at home napping when she came home and insisted I go out.  I yawned and stretched and tried to look so at home that she wouldn’t make me go out.  She dragged me out the door and made me walk. It was cold, and I wanted to go back upstairs until I saw it: a morsel of delectable, irresistible, pre-chewed gum.  I scurried toward it and started to gobble it before she even knew it was there. It still had a faint hint of mint flavor and was delicious.  She told me to drop it, but that’s one of the commands I never quite understood when they talked about it in playgroup, so I ignored her and swallowed it. Yum!  We then came across a cigarette butt.  They don’t taste so good, but their texture and scent are irresistible, so I picked that up, too, nibbled it a bit, but decided to make her feel like she has an iota of control over me and spit it out when she told me to drop it.  The truth is, I only like menthols, and it wasn’t one.  We kept walking around the block and continued to encounter my favorite things: dried leaves that I prefer to go potty on (what can I say, I was housebroken in the fall . . . ), a piece of stale bread that had been left for the pigeons, a tortilla chip from the Mexican restaurant on 2nd avenue.  We kept walking around the block till we were in front of the pet store on first avenue.  They ALWAYS give me biscuits when we go in there, so I parked myself in front of the store and would not move until she conceded and we went in.  She talked with them and I sat patiently wagging my tail and waited for them to give me a treat.  I gave them my cutest, best behaved look and managed to get a couple of biscuits and a pat on the head out of that.  What’s up with the head pats?  I’d much rather have my ears scratched, which anyone should know.  Anyway, . . . I thought we were on our way home, but instead she headed uptown.  Uh-oh, the groomer is that way.  But, no, we crossed the avenue unexpectedly. We ended up at the butcher’s! She talked with him for a bit, and he handed her a bag with something in it.  Then we headed back toward home.  No nail clipping required! We stopped at my favorite wine store. It smells yummy and there is a jar of biscuits near the front of the store.  I sat down and looked adorable, and the man gave me a treat.  I am so cute.  So, we kept walking home and ran into Pat, my nanny.  I love her so much; she feeds me and watches TV with me and rubs my tummy. It was so great to see her but she didn’t give me any food or treats or carrots or anything. She did give me an ear scratch, though. And HE was with her.  Lucky thinks I am indifferent, and I ignore him or steal his food when we have sleepovers and nanny Pat’s.  But I really love him. His coat is so shiny and his tail is long.  And he smells so good.  He nuzzled me, and gave me a piece of kibble that he had save from breakfast. His food tastes so much better than mine.  She and nanny both said goodbye and we headed home, but not before he licked my nose!! I have waited for that for so long, and out of the blue he just did it!

We headed home.  Once we were there,  it came out – a huge sirloin bone that still had lots of meat on it.  It was like St. Francis day, Christmas and my birthday all in one.  I sat, cocked my head and looked adorable until she gave it to me then I brought it to my bed.

Dreaming Pug


About puglife

Eloise the pug, starred in my 2012 project "365 Days of Pugs". Halley the pug, a recent addition, will no likely be featured her when she can stay still long enough to have her picture taken.
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2 Responses to Day 27: Pug Dream

  1. Keren says:

    What an exciting walk!!! Love it!

  2. Kamla says:

    no, u really didnt. nope, no way.

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