Day 4: Take a Five Minute Walk

 Today’s project was to take a five-minute walk and then make something using whatever materials are available where you’ve ended up, and then leave it for someone else to discover.

Well, the idea of taking a walk outside today was less than appealing, since it was in the teens in Stamford this morning.  The plan was to walk inside my very large office building and work with found objects in the comfort of a climate-controlled interior at lunchtime. 

The building is remarkably tidy, and the only found object was a crumpled napkin of questionable origin in a corridor on the fifth floor.  Looking outside from that corridor, a suitable alternative appeared. So, creativity triumphed over personal comfort, and the project moved outdoors.  Unfortunately, the materials (stones the size of my hand) were larger and harder to reach than anticipated and were in close proximity of Security, so it would not have been possible to discreetly abscond with enough of them to make something that even slightly resembled a pug.

Plan A

A suitable substitute materialized within moments. A handful of these pebbles was collected to be placed nearby.

Plan B

Venue for Plan B

 This is the Stamford Cone.  It is a 45 foot tall freestanding stained glass sculpture that was erected in 1999.  It is situated between the Stamford train station and my office.  It had gone largely unacknowledged by this commuter until today.   The interior is light- and color-filled and is much more lovely than the exterior. There is a multisided concrete bench that seemed a good location for a pug artifact.